Hundreds gathered for Latino Lobby Day: students, farm workers, educators, parents and community leaders. I’m proud of these men and women who made their voices heard in Olympia today. All of us have a stake in building a Washington that works for EVERYONE.

– Jay Inslee

Governor of Washington State

On behalf of Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) we want to thank you for your financial support making our event a success.  Claudia D’Allegri and I plan to send you an official thank you letter for your generous support.  In the meantime, to give you a summary we understand that confirmed attendance is estimated at 800 which exceeded our expectations because of the severe weather.  We had approximately 300 that couldn’t attend due to weather restraints which would have put attendance over 1100.  Attendance in short sessions are normally smaller than long sessions.  We had a full agenda and held over 135 legislative appointments that included both republican and democrats.  Latino leadership delegation met with the Governor, Speaker Chopp and others and we mentioned our support of passing transportation package and our partnership with Northwest Carpenters Union. 
I have pasted a photo album and media releases (below) that include newspaper and video of Governor speaking.  Our event would not have been a success without your support. We were able to sponsor transportation statewide and food with your sponsorship.  Having your carpenters there to help with all the  small details was a tremendous help. 
We will continue pushing our agenda through the Senate.  After session, believe its time to sit down with you and your management and develop a strategic plan how we can work together since majority of your employees are Latinos.  In addition, we need to think out of the box on how labor is really going to be well respected in the legislature.  Most importantly, we may have to create a new labor coalition as we have discussed that is going to be inclusive to all labor force, including the farm workers that continue to be ignored by certain labor groups.  They deserve equal representation and with your expertise may be able to develop a successful plan. 
LCA will be hosting town halls this summer in eastern Washington, we will welcome labor to be a topic. The labor exploitation of hard working latinos is tremendous in our communities, however, we have the numbers and political force to impact positive change.  Again, thank you very much, you all very wonderful and know we are here to support you. Nina
Nina Martinez
Latino Civic Alliance, Vice Chair
Join us in Olympia: Latino Legislative Day February 10, 2014
For more information visit our website at:


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