Click this link to view our list for the 2014 Washington State Endorsed Candidates! Vote for these people! We have done our research and checked it twice and these are the candidates who are fighting to create jobs for carpenters and better opportunities for the working class!





The 5 Minute Volunteer.


Volunteering usually requires you to drive to a location and spend a few hours. Sometimes our lives are so busy, we just can’t finde the time. Do you have 5 minutes to volunteer for your Union? Here are some ways to help your Union procure more work for you and protect our rights to collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions.

1. Register to Vote and Update Registration: Being a registered voter is an important part of being a Union member. As a registered voter, YOU ARE A MEMBER OF A POWERFUL VOTING BLOCK that sets the direction of government. If you have moved or your phone number has changed, you need to re-register to vote. If you are an “absentee” ballot voter or live in Washington State, an accurate address is necessary to ensure you receive your ballot packet in a timely manner.

2. Open the mail the Union sends to you and read it.Dozens of members interview candidates for office every year. Those volunteers spend many hours to make it easy for you to make educated choices on who has our backs when it comes to jobs for our members. Honor their hard work by reading their recommendations of candidates running for office.

3. Vote every time there is an election. Many members skip voting in Primaries, for School Bonds and Levies and other Special Elections. Don’t let others decide which candidates make it to the General Election, make your voice heard.School Bonds and Levies are a prime example of “voting for jobs”.Voting regularly is a regulation in some states to remain an Active Registered Voter. If you stop voting, you may have to re-register.Don’t like to drive to the polls after a long day at work and stand in line? Register as an “Absentee Voter”. This gives you the opportunity to vote at your leisure (and hopefully with the list of recommended candidates next to your ballot.) This also gives you the opportunity to vote as a group with your family, friends and co-workers.

Still not sold on why it’s important to “VOTE JOBS”? one of our Local and Council Priorities is to build a new Columbia River Crossing (C.R.C.) bridge that spans the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. One lawmaker is leading the charge to kill this project. Building that bridge alone will put hundreds of Carpenters to work. Do you know that politician won his last election by 74 votes? 74 votes! That could be the difference in our members collecting unemployment or earning Union wages and building an iconic structure.

So can you spare 5 minutes? Go to this link, click on your state of residence and register to vote! Http://www.eac.gov/voter_resources/contact_your_state.aspx

Your job may depend on it!